Friday, 20 June 2014

My bunk at camp

   WALT write a diamante poem

What did I learn:i learnt how to do a diamante

What is my next step:To choose better words
                                                               Bunk room
                                                           Smelly    noisy
                                                      Stepping shouting climbing
                                                     smile   time for  every  body
                                                               warm    messy

learning reflection

WALT: Write metaphors that give our reader a great image.

Blobfish are jelly all wobbly.

Blobfish are crabs sliding at the bottom of the ocean
He is a small hill lurking at the sea bed 
His nose is a pink tennis ball 
His eyes are chocolate penny's 

Friday, 13 June 2014

Forced fit animal

                   name                      Octobat

          second name Batopus 
          Habitat under water wonder land it's close 
          to sea land 
          Friends DOC,sock the tiger shark,crocwhal           and lot,s more.
          Size as big as a size 5 ball 
          Life span 65 years 
          he is 8 years old
           species batops 

Learning about apps

While the year 6s were at tech we discover a few apps so we can you'a the apps for future day.

We had fun doing our 
picture using comic book

We also did garage band and sonic pics.
My next step is look more into the apps, use more apps and use them more in my learning.