Sunday, 19 February 2017

Leadership area blogpost #3 (Merit)

                                    Leadership meeting

At the leader meeting today we watched a video from the grip leadership. It told us activities to do throughout the year. Then the house captains came up with an idea that we are going to do. We chose to have four rubbish bins each in the four house colours and who ever filled their bins with rubbish first gets lots of house points. The second gets a bit less and so on. It will help keep the school tidy and its another way to get house points.  So therefore I showed Community.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Leadership blog post #3 (Merit)

                                    Today at gardening club

Today at gardening club we had to paint candy canes I got to paint the really big ones with house paint because I was the only one to bring a painting shirt. They were going to be used for a house. At lunch it wasn't compulsory but I went. I had to paint the smaller ones because the big ones were finished later on. We had to paint crates brown to look like kit kats. The care values I showed were excellence because I was the only one to bring a painting shirt and I also showed community for showing up to the optional session . 

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Home Learning challenge #2 (Merit)

Earlier today I made a poster for our class which is now LM so I wrote a huge LM in bubble writing and then lots of small ones in different styles. It looks really good.

Leadership area blogpost #2 (Merit)

                                    Leadership meeting

At the leadership meeting we all got given a sticky note and a pen that we had to right a theme that someone would have to talk about. Then we put them in a pile. And got given one that we had to talk about for thirty seconds. The care value I showed was Respect for respecting the speakers and laughing at appropriate times.

Leadership blog post #2 (Merit)

                                         Gardening club

Today at Gardening club we were getting ready for the garden show. At the gardening club we are going to have big candy canes for the garden show so last year we sanded the tubes that will be used for the candy canes so that the paint would stick. But today there were three jobs one was getting cups and making holes in the bottom so water could drain out. Another one was to fill the cups with dirt and poke a hold in the dirt so the plant can go in. The last job was to take the plants out of a container and put them in the cups. When they grow they will be red and white to go on the candy canes. The care value's I showed were excellence because I did it fast.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Leadership area blogpost #1 (Merit)

                                      Leader Meeting

Today at the leader's meeting we got our job descriptions for our role. Each position has different objectives on the job description.  One of the things on my job description was to do a house activity each term. I showed Respect by looking and listen to the teacher.

Leadership blogpost #1 (Merit)

                                        Gardening Club 

At gardening club we had to move wine barrels that had plants inside back to where they were before the holidays. Last year we had moved them behind the classrooms. I showed Community because I helped a teacher by moving the plants back, I also showed excellence by getting the job done quick.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Home Learning Challenge #1 (Merit)

This evening I completed one of the active thinking home learning challenges, I created 2 cards. The first card was a birthday card. To make the  bunting I used real bunting and cut off the bottom and then stuck them to the card with glue. Then I wrote Happy Birthday with pens. As my mum's birthday is coming up I am planning on giving the birthday card to her. She will really like the card as she loves silver.