Friday, 2 September 2016

The water cycle

The water cycle is the process water goes through between,sea and the atmosphere. The water is relayed through the process. The water changes it’s state throughout the process liquid, gas and solid. There are four stages to the water cycle. They are evaporation, condensation, precipitation and groundwater/runoff.


Evaporation is when the water rises up into the sky and forms clouds. You can’t see it it's an invisible process. Also on a hot sunny day evaporation is greater, Vapor in the air is called, humidity. In a lot of hot places there is a high amount of humidity. Once the water has evaporated it forms into water which is called precipitation.

Condensation and Precipitation

Condensation and Precipitation is when the water falls from the clouds. When the water heats up and then rises to form clouds. Once the clouds get really heavy. It starts to rain or even snow, sleet or hail. After the water falls from the sky some will go in lakes, rivers, mountains and the sea.

Runoff and groundwater

Runoff and groundwater is when the water comes of the mountain. Groundwater is the water underground it can be very clean. When snows on mountains/hills then when it melts and comes down it is called runoff.Groundwater is the water underground which will eventually flow out to sea. Groundwater in Christchurch is very clean due to glaciers.

The water you drink today has gone threw this cycle many times.

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